Coney Island Heritage Trail

Coney Island Heritage Trail

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Coney Island of Sligo is one of Sligo’s hidden gems. Originally known as Inishmulclohy, this island has been inhabited for thousands of years but is quiet and one of the most tranquil spots in Sligo. There are a number of archaeological and historic monuments on the island. St. Patrick visited here too and there is a funny story about his visit. You can sit on his wishing chair if you like!

Provider: Auriel Robinson.

Location (see map below): Innovation Centre, Sligo IT, Ash Lane, Co. Sligo, Ireland 

Duration: 3-4 Hours

Availability: Daily

Requirements: Terrain (track, sand, shore). Dress accordingly.

Restrictions: None.

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We’ll tell you how the Irish famine decimated the island population. 

If you ever wonder where Coney Island got his name, we’ll tell you a story about that along the involves rabbits and sea captains!

This island has inspired poets such as W.B Yeats, travel writers and musicians in the past and still inspires anyone who visits! There is a tranquillity and magic about it that you will not experience anywhere else. Wild flowers grow here and cattle graze peacefully in the rolling fields.

Enquire with us about getting a boat across to Coney. It’s a nice way to travel (this will be additional cost)