CMB Academy of Dance FAQ

Here are some FAQs and their answers:

Q) How much are classes?

A) It is my aim to make ballet affordable and accessible, hence classes are just €65 per 10 week term.

Q) What does my child need to wear to class?A) For the moment  uniform is not required, again to keep the cost down. If they already have leotard and tights etc. then great! If not, t-shirt and leggings or anything they are comfortable moving in is fine. Ballet shoes are necessary for health and safety reasons as well as to see the shape and line of the foot, which is a very important part of ballet technique. Uniform will, however, be required in exam classes (starting at Primary grade).

Q) Where are classes held?

A) In Barna (Barna Primary School hall) and Gort (the dance studio at the Swan Leisure Club at the Lady Gregory Hotel).

Q) Can I sign up half way through the term?

A) Generally, yes, but this is assessed on an individual basis. It depends on what point the class is at in terms of preparation for exams or for a show. If I think it will disrupt the class or slow down the pace of the class I may suggest to wait until the next term begins. Joining in the middle of a busy term can be upsetting and off-putting for a new child and can often lower their self-confidence, therefore waiting a few weeks or months and starting afresh can often be a good way to go.

Q) What happens if I am late collecting my child?

A) Don’t worry. The children are taught not to leave the building without their parent / guardian. If they don’t see you in the hallway they will return to the studio/hall and wait inside until you arrive. So if you are late and can’t see your child, that is where they will be.