Shooting School

Shooting School

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Ladies and Gentlemen, learn to shoot or improve those skills. For the aspiring novice and the ambitious expert. for Group building and Group entertainment, for team building, we can offer the best instruction so that you will achieve the wish to break those clay targets in the sky. Even when you have never touched a gun before in your lives.
We have a wide range of shotguns, suitable and safe for ladies and gentlemen, whether you or your friends are left handed or right handed. Situated in the stunning Connemara landscape and in the grounds of the historic and ancient Ballynahinch Castle Hotel.
We can also offer Air Rifle and small bore Rifle shooting which may suit some very young enthusiasts.

ProviderShane Bisgood.

Location (see map below): Ballynahinch Castle Hotel, Recess, Connemara, Co. Galway.

Duration: 1-4 Hours.

Availability: Daily.

Requirements: Light jacket (water proof).

Restrictions: None.

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For the experienced shot who would like to practise prior to the shooting season or a competitor who needs some coaching with a problematic target prior to an event or indeed someone who would like to improve their general ability with a shotgun. Or For the aspiring shot. You need never have picked up a shotgun before this day, Shane will take you through every aspect of safety, gun fitting and methods for breaking your targets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are those who are able to enjoy and benefit from shooting lessons?

Ladies and Gentlemen, children from the age of 11 upwards though Shane has taught younger children. There is enjoyment and benefit for anyone who has a desire to learn or improve a skill.

Is there an age limit?
Shane recently taught a Gentleman on two separate occasions who was well into his 70’s and on the second occasion he brought his two young teenage Grandsons to be taught too.

How long are the lessons?

Normally for individuals or couples it would be for 1 or up to 2 hours.

Do I need to bring any equipment?

Not unless you wish to. Shane can supply you with anything you need at no extra cost save the ammunition. That must be paid for depending on how many cartridges you use.

What is suitable clothing?

Wear something that gives you easy freedom of movement and does not restrict you in any way. Comfortable shoes or boots if wet, plus a light rain proof coat and hat.

Is it noisy?

Yes but Shane will supply you with ear protection that will safeguard your hearing.

How long does it take to learn?

Many people have asked this question and it can be simply answered. After one lesson you will have succeeded in hitting some of your targets, not all but most certainly some.

How far can one progress the learning process?

Shane has taught up to Olympic standard when he was teaching in America and has taught many persons who would be considered good shots and indeed some very fine shots now. It all depends on how much time you put in as to what you take out..