How is your New Year's Resolution holding up?

The start of a new year brings with it a sense of nostalgia and regret for the past year. Many of us take the new year as a fresh start, and attempt to bring in an attitude of ‘new year, new me’. However, studies have shown that 75% of people have already failed their New Year’s Resolution by the end of January, and only 8% accomplish them.

Here at TOPTHING2DO we understand how painful it can be trying to come up with fresh ideas each year to better acquaint yourself with amazing experiences in Ireland, so we’ve decided to do the hard work for you and create a list of our top 10 most random experiences around the country!

10 High Nelly Tour of Trim (Meath)

Photograph by Enda Casey.

Why not take a high nelly tour of Trim at their Autumn festival? Dress in vintage apparel and rent a bike, joining 300 people on a tour around the beautiful Trim on the most unlikely of vehicles! Surround yourself with history as you ride one of the first bicycles around the leafy countryside and wonder at the beauty and quiet of the beautiful countryside. It's truly an experience you’ll never forget!

9 Immersive Gin Experience (Louth)

Listoke Distillery & Gin School 1.jpg

Have you ever felt the need to customise your own gin? Well now you can! Learn the gin distillery process from the experts themselves at Listoke Distillery & Gin School, take a tour of the distillery and even have the novelty of infusing and bottling your own personalised gin. Surely there can be no better take home gift than one you can brag about to friends with your superior knowledge and even sample product.

8 Sunset Kayak Tour of Dalkey (Dublin)


Look at Dublin Bay in a whole new way when you take a Sunset Kayak Tour to Dalkey Island. Experience water travel with no engines, no loud horns and no one else around. What better way to explore the beautiful coastline than a relaxing paddle in the Irish Sea?

7 The Durrow Scarecrow Festival (Laois)


Why not build a scarecrow to enter into the Durrow Annual Scarecrow Festival this July? Or just pop along for a good time with the festival spirit including food, attractions and pig racing. The festival brings together both the local community and Ireland at large as people descend upon the small town to see the largest hay made statues you’ve ever seen. The entire town becomes a showcase for the most incredible scarecrows placed in quirky locations.

6 Surfing in Bundoran (Donegal)

Ireland’s surfing scene is some of the best in the world, so why not go to one of the most beautiful spots of all in Bundoran, where the waves entertainment is only matched by the beautiful surroundings. The area is full of different surfing schools for all levels so you can be sure to find someone to teach you the ropes. Check out the Surf Academy at Bundoran Surf Co.

5 Horse riding along the beach in Dingle (KERRY)

dingle horse riding.jpg

Surely there can be nothing more romantic than horse riding along the beach as the sun goes down? Dingle has some of the best beaches and nature reserves in the country and this shows in their popularity as a tourist destination for those wishing to get away from the humdrum of normality. Not only is horse riding on the beach one of the most special memories you can make but it’s also great for toning up those legs! Check out Dingle Horse Riding.

4 Spelunking in Dunmore Caves (Kilkenny)

While Kilkenny itself is seen as a beautiful tourist attraction in its own right, (being a medieval town that boasts the most churches for a county in Ireland) sometimes you need a breath of fresh air from other people and Dunmore Caves is the right place to do it. The site of a Viking massacre in 928, the caves are full of history, with some guests even finding hidden treasure and bones from those early days. Experience full darkness as the lights get shut off while you’re deep in the cave if that doesn’t send your inner adrenaline junky to a frenzy, nothing will!

3 Steam Engine Rally (Laois)

 Putting out the steam at Stradbally Steam Rally on Monday.
Photo: Alf Harvey.

Witness the steam engine in all its beauty as they descend upon Stradbally Estate for an outdoor museum of transportation history, with the beautiful machines lovingly restored by steam engine experts at the Stradbally Steam Rally. Take a ride in one of the beautiful steam trains yourself on the estate and feel history come alive as you sit in one of the most influential inventions of all time.

Fab Food Trail (Cork & Dublin)

Experience more of what Cork has to offer by sampling the amazing tastes in the ‘food capital of Ireland’ with Fab Food Trails. Their experienced, local guides invite you to explore the many unexpected culinary treasures with six to eight delicious tastings on a leisurely walk.
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1 Glorious Connemara Cycle

There’s nothing better than getting out in the fresh air - even better if you can enjoy the splendid view of Connemara and get some exercise while doing so. The Glorious Connemara Cycle enjoys one of the most beautiful off-road cycles in Europe with a local knowledgeable guide. Saddle up and go!

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