A Guide to the Perfect Valentine's

Valentine's Day can be tricky - do you buy them a gift? Go for dinner? Or have a romantic evening in? It varies greatly depending on the stage that you're at, so we've put together a quick guide to help you out.

From a secret admirer
Ok, so you've identified a potential interest, so what next? Do something! What's the worst that can happen? This is a crucial period as first impressions last. This is where you can learn more about them, and they can learn more about you. 
Suggestions: Footgolf, Life Drawing, Craft Beer Trip, Indoor Wall Climbing.

Tinder Match
Congratulations on the mutual attraction, an excellent start! Now comes the opportunity to impress. Here are a few fun ideas.
Suggestions: Food Trail, Cable & Wake, Snorkelling, Whiskey Tour.

Meet the parents status
A crucial test awaits. Why not add one more? This is an opportunity to see what they're really made of. 
Suggestions: City Jogging Tour, Shooting School, Viking Splash, Cookery Class.

The one!
Lucky you, you have found your lobster! Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate with your significant other. Make it memorable.
Suggestions: Pottery Workshop, Day Trip, Sea Stack Climbing, Connemara Cycle.

Forever Alone...
If you're enjoying some time by yourself, make it great by trying something new.
Suggestions: Flying Lessons, Surf Academy, Painting Class, Photo Walk.

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