Meet the New Goats!

Introducing Our Summer Interns!

We're happy to welcome two interns, Finn and Mairead, on board for the summer! They are the newest members of our team and are already proving invaluable. Both Finn and Mairead are students from the States, studying in Dublin and working with Escape Goats for six weeks through the UCD Summer Internship Programme. Welcome to the Escape Goats Team guys!


Finn McCoole

Finn is Escape Goats' Operations Management Intern, so he's in charge of adding new activities to the site and developing marketing strategies. Yes, Finn McCoole is his real name! He lives near Boston, and is a third year student a the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he studies Finance. Finn has family in Dublin and Limerick, so he's been visiting Ireland since he was a little kid. Here's a little bit more about Finn.  

What are some of your hobbies?

"I snowboard all winter and work at a ski & snowboard shop at one of the mountains on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Oh and I like to golf too, it's one of my favorite games."


We know you love the food scene here in Dublin, so what's your favorite?

- "Back home my favorite place to eat is Chipotle, so I guess the equivalent here is Tolteca. Never fails to satisfy."


What are your other interests?

- "Being a Finance major I am really interested in entrepreneurship. I've actually got my own startup idea that I hope to make a reality, so look out for that!"


What has been your favorite experience in Ireland so far?

- "This past weekend a few of my friends and I rented a house in Galway. We took a bike tour of Connemara and got to cycle around this perfect little town called Cong. It was the most beautiful place I'd ever seen!"


Máiréad Loschi

Mairead is Escape Goats' Communication and Marketing Intern, so she's in charge of all social media, blogging, and online marketing. She lives in Connecticut, and is a third year student at the University of Connecticut, studying Communication and Political Science. This is her first time visiting Ireland and she's very excited to be here! We asked her a few questions so you could get to know her better.

What are some of your interests?

"I really love news and radio, back home I work at my college radio station as a news correspondent. I also like to stay active and enjoy swimming, sailing, golfing, and playing racquetball."


We know you love all things pop culture like books, music, and films. Any favorites?

- "Yeah, recently I've been listening to a band called Hiatus Kaiyote and they're actually coming to Dublin so I'm psyched about that! My favorite film is 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail', always has me laughing!"


When you're not spending your summer interning at Escape Goats, what do you do?

- "My typical summer in the States is spent in Cape Cod, Massachusetts where I work as a sailing instructor, teaching young kids how to race sailboats."


What has been your favorite experience in Ireland so far?

- "It's got to be a tie between my trip to Kilmainham Gaol and the Aran Islands. I'm a huge history buff, so my visit to the jail was so interesting. The Aran Islands were so amazing and I have a deep appreciation for the determination of the people who live there."


Young goats are called kids and we couldn't be more happy to add these "kids" to our goat family!

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