The story so far

Welcome to Escape Goats and thanks for dropping by.

It has been an exciting journey to get where we are today, but the adventure is only beginning.

Escape Goats went 'live' on Saturday 18th of April with activities in six counties - the feedback and support has been fantastic, so thank you all. We are delighted to tell you that we do in fact have hundreds of activity providers on board in 20 counties and we will endeavour to share these with you in the coming weeks.

It is our mission to provide you with great experiences without the hassle. We want to make it easy for you to find great things-to-do without spending a cent more. No-one has time for endless google searches or to be trawling review sites for hours. We want you to spend your time doing fun things instead of looking for them.

Ireland is a fantastic wee country - the landscape, people and culture make it a wonderful place to explore and enjoy. The landscape and coastline are breathtaking, providing the ideal setting for hiking and watersports. The country is a shining light of creativity and the arts. The people always have a smile or a story to tell, in spite of the unpredictable weather.

There are a plethora of expert service providers out there who are passionate about what they do - from the surf instructor and the chef to the hiker and the tour guide. We want to bring you together with those looking to do the types of activities you provide.

We are very excited for the future and we look forward to providing you with great experiences, many laughs and fantastic memories.

The Escape Goats Team :)