Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Escape Goats?

Escape Goats is a place for great experiences, activities and things-to-do. You no longer have to spend hours on Google trying to find something to do.

2. Does it cost extra?

No. You pay prices that you would normally pay to an activity/hobby provider. You will also get special discounts that Escape Goats brings from many of the providers.


3. OK. What else?

Purchase an activity and you're automatically entered into a draw for a €100 Escape Goats voucher. Subscribe to our mailing list and you could win a €25 Escape Goats voucher.


4. I don't see the activity provider details on the listing. How do I get in touch with them?

Once you book an activity, we will send you full contact details for the activity provider. Pick a date that suits you and you're ready to go. If you cannot find a suitable date, you'll receive a refund in full.


5. What if I want to cancel my bookings?

You will be fully refunded in full if you cancel at least 7 days before the activity. We will endeavour to find you a solution in any case. Please get in touch.


6. I am an activity provider. How can I list my offers on Escape Goats?

Please use the contact form here and one of our associates will contact you.


We are happy to any questions you may have. Please email: